How to Handle Disagreements in a Godly Manner — Guest Post, Kimi Miller

Though most of us would likely wish to avoid this, we all experience conflict. When handled in a Christ-like manner, with equal parts love, truth, and grace, however, what initially feels like a fail can actually become a win. When It Doesn’t Feel Like Winning By Kimi Miller My anger was blazing, and I didn’t… Continue reading How to Handle Disagreements in a Godly Manner — Guest Post, Kimi Miller


When No One Else Can Help — Guest Post

By Meredith Kendall Rejection stings in every form. Friendships that crumble. Parents who disapprove. Children who leave and don’t return. And loves that betray. Labeled "unwanted" is never our plan. One evening, I arrived home from putting on a successful Fall Festival, filled with laughter and hot dogs and sugared up kids, to hear my… Continue reading When No One Else Can Help — Guest Post

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The Self-Sufficiency Façade

“What do I need you for?” I said those words. To my husband. It was the worst thing I’d ever said to him. And it haunts me to this day. Our marriage was in trouble. Our daughter was a toddler. I was earning six figures working full time, and felt I largely parented alone. My… Continue reading The Self-Sufficiency Façade


Our Innate Need for Community

“God doesn’t want anyone to be alone, and I’m not going to disappoint Him.” That’s a powerful quote from my grandmother, something she said to my mother when she was a child. They apply, among other things, to how we do life with others, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ. God made us to… Continue reading Our Innate Need for Community


Misaligned Priorities

Sometimes what I think is of the highest priority, isn’t, and what I put aside is really what I should focus on. I walked downstairs and saw my mom talking on the phone. She was empathetically offering words of comfort to a friend in need. I noticed the dinner dishes still on the table and… Continue reading Misaligned Priorities