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The Chocolate Idol –– Guest Post by Jeanie Jacobson

Our guest today, Jeanie Jacobson, shares how easy it is to drift into idolatry, but also how we can reroute ourselves and our hearts. The Chocolate Idol by Jeanie Jacobson What a nightmare—I’d constructed an idol. My eyes flew open and I popped up in bed. Where's the chocolate? My first thoughts normally are, “Good… Continue reading The Chocolate Idol –– Guest Post by Jeanie Jacobson

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Learning to Live in the Now

Learning to depend on God’s plan, not my own, is a constant struggle, and these last few months with the pandemic have made that painfully obvious. I’ve been both completely aggravated and wildly liberated this spring and summer by the inability to plan—well, pretty much anything. And it’s teaching me a lot about what it… Continue reading Learning to Live in the Now

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The Self-Sufficiency Façade

“What do I need you for?” I said those words. To my husband. It was the worst thing I’d ever said to him. And it haunts me to this day. Our marriage was in trouble. Our daughter was a toddler. I was earning six figures working full time, and felt I largely parented alone. My… Continue reading The Self-Sufficiency Façade