Wholly Loved Sponsor Interview

Interview With Our Sponsor Kathy Collard Miller

Today we're thrilled to introduce one of our generous sponsors, Kathy Collard Miller. She's an author and speaker who loved Jesus and seeing others experience the heart-change that only God can bring about. Read her interview below to learn how God helped her move from intense and hurtful anger to love and peace. God truly… Continue reading Interview With Our Sponsor Kathy Collard Miller

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The Self-Sufficiency Façade

“What do I need you for?” I said those words. To my husband. It was the worst thing I’d ever said to him. And it haunts me to this day. Our marriage was in trouble. Our daughter was a toddler. I was earning six figures working full time, and felt I largely parented alone. My… Continue reading The Self-Sufficiency Façade