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Integrity When the Stakes Are High

  Regret is such a heavy, suffocating burden to carry. We reveal who we truly are in how we respond when the stakes feel high. In those moments, our actions scream truth louder than any spoken claim or image portrayed. Will we do the hard-right thing, even if it might come with a lofty cost,… Continue reading Integrity When the Stakes Are High

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When Relationships Fail–Our Role

As I reflected on my situation with the offended woman, I thought of how Christ treated me. When I was living in complete rebellion against Him, He pursued me, diligently and patiently. When I sinned again and again, He forgave me. And when my sin created a barrier between us that I couldn’t cross, through His death, He tore it down.

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Hardships and Trials

Our Source of Hope When Life Hurts – Guest Post by Grace Fox

Guest Post: God—Our Source of Hope When Life Hurts Grace Fox I knew something was seriously wrong the moment I answered my phone. My sister-in-law choked back tears as she told me that a doctor had just diagnosed my 88-year-old mother with a life-threatening condition. “She has twenty minutes to talk with each of her… Continue reading Our Source of Hope When Life Hurts – Guest Post by Grace Fox

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Meet Our Editing Team

Our editing team is the backbone, gatekeepers, and safety-filters for everything we create. We take our role as Bible speakers and teachers seriously and therefore want to do all we can to ensure we are communicating God's truth well and doing staying true to Scripture's intended message. That's where these amazing team members come in!… Continue reading Meet Our Editing Team