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NEW! Finding Christ in the Struggle: Encouragement for Those With Chronic Illness

7 Day Bible reading plan, available on the YouVersion app

This chronic illness battle can feel exhausting and, at times, defeating. In our daily struggle, we struggle, we might feel isolated and alone. While our emotions are valid, the truth is, God stands with us. He sees our hurts, our challenges, our fears, and our hopes. May this plan remind you of His steadfast love and faithful presence. Written by Victoria Mejias and edited by Karen Greer and Jennifer Slattery
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Renewed Worship: 31 Days of Praying Scripture

Isaiah Bible reading plan logo

Author Rachel Vaughn knows that prayer in times of pain or stress can be difficult. We often struggle to find the right words or any words. This reading plan helps unite our Bible reading time with prayer by providing prayer prompts that take you through the first chapter of Isaiah while incorporating other relevant passages. Plan edited by Karen Greer and LaShawn Montoya.



Cultivating a Thankful Heart

Life always feels more joyful, more manageable, when we approach our days with a thankful heart. In Christ, we always have reason for praise.

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Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas

This holiday season, take some time to slow down and reflect on God’s goodness and the precious gift of Christ with us.
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Resting In Grace

Grace Reading Plan Image20 Days

Christ’s grace has the power to change everything. We don’t have to strive, to compete or compare, or question whether or not we measure up. We’re enough because Christ in us in enough. The cross of Christ sets us free.

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20 Days Of Relational Health

image for reading plan20 Days

Our hearts crave deep, lasting connections–to know we are loved and belong. This Bible reading plan will help you grow in your relationships as you learn to love others well, speak and live in truth, and set the healthy boundaries that will allow your relationships to thrive.

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30 días de salud emocional

logo for Wholly Loved's Bible reading plan30 dias

Dios no quiere que nos sintamos perpetuamente estresados o derrotados, ni quiere que estemos esclavizados por heridas de nuestro pasado. Este plan de lectura de 30 días te ayudará a acercarte cada día más a Él Señor y anclarse en las verdades vivificantes que Él preservó para nosotros en las Escrituras. Traducido por Victoria Mejias and Anita Farwell.

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14 Days of Emotional Health

God doesn’t want us feeling perpetually stressed or defeated, nor does He want us enslaved to hurts from our past. This 30-day reading plan will help you draw closer to Him each day and anchor yourself in the life-giving truths He preserved for us in Scripture.


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