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In Dependent Freedom

I used to think freedom was something expressed by independence—a liberation from anything which restricted you, but as I prepared to celebrate our country’s National Independence Day, another thought occurred to me. Are they really the same thing?  According to the definition, "independent" is defined as, “free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority;… Continue reading In Dependent Freedom

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Incomparable: Seeing Ourselves through a New Lens

Alligators brushed against my unprotected legs as I stood quivering in the murky, moonlit bayou water. My three bosses--all Jennifer Aniston clones--required me to catch a gator with my bare hands before I could join them in the boat. Then they tossed my bathroom scale in the water. “We need to know your weight before… Continue reading Incomparable: Seeing Ourselves through a New Lens

freedom, God's Will, Intentional growth, obedience, Resting in Christ

Learning to Live in the Now

Learning to depend on God’s plan, not my own, is a constant struggle, and these last few months with the pandemic have made that painfully obvious. I’ve been both completely aggravated and wildly liberated this spring and summer by the inability to plan—well, pretty much anything. And it’s teaching me a lot about what it… Continue reading Learning to Live in the Now

Wholly Loved Sponsor Interview

Interview With Sponsor Kathy Collard Miller

We love freedom stories, and man, does our sponsor Kathy Collard Miller have a powerful story to share. We know God and does transform lives, but sometimes it can be easy to forget this. Sometimes when I look at our world, honestly, I see so much darkness. So much hurt. It may appear as if… Continue reading Interview With Sponsor Kathy Collard Miller