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Resting in Christ

How My ‘Nap 180’ Taught Me to Surrender to God

Have you ever despised something you now love? For me, it’s naps. For as long as I can remember, unless I had the flu, was pregnant, or had a sleep-chaotic newborn in the house, I refused even the idea of a snooze. “They make me nauseous,” I’d say. It was true—I’d put my head down… Continue reading How My ‘Nap 180’ Taught Me to Surrender to God

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Generosity Lessons from a Recovering Tightwad

By Jessica Brodie I’m what you might refer to as a recovering tightwad. If you’re being nice, you might call me thrifty, frugal, or savings-inclined.  I rarely spend money on myself unless there’s a practical or important reason. I embrace classic styles so I don’t have to buy trendy stuff year after year. And as… Continue reading Generosity Lessons from a Recovering Tightwad

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Choosing Love

Have you ever felt like you should be doing something but wanted absolutely no part in it? An event organizer gave me a pair of unclaimed gorgeous sunglasses somebody’d left at a fundraiser. They were a super expensive brand I could’ve never afforded on my meager salary, and I got compliments every time I wore… Continue reading Choosing Love

Hardships and Trials, Relationships

God’s Gift of Supportive Friends

Have you ever experienced a crisis that left you feeling vulnerable and wounded? Perhaps it felt like you were covered in sores and the gentlest breeze felt like a blast of fire, so you sought solace in isolation. That was me this spring. My family experienced two major health issues—first my stepdad, then my daughter—that… Continue reading God’s Gift of Supportive Friends

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Learning to Turn My Gaze Outward

My shyness was almost painful and certainly debilitating. As a little kid I’d hide behind my mom, the couch, a tree, whatever was handy, willing myself to disappear into the very earth if possible. Don’t look at me, I’d plead inwardly. Don’t make me speak. Over the years it grew worse, not better. I’d settle… Continue reading Learning to Turn My Gaze Outward