Becoming His Princess Bible Study — Print Version



Written by Jennifer Slattery with contributions from Susan Aken, Jessica Brodie, Cheri Cowell, and Dena Dyer.

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Do you ever feel insignificant or unseen? As if what you do or even who you are isn’t quite good enough? Does your confidence level vary based on who you’re around and how their bank account or how accomplishment list compares to yours? If so, this study, based on the life of Sarah from the Old Testament Scriptures, is for you.

For seven weeks, we’ll follow her uncertain and at times terrifying journey from the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur to the land promised to her husband, and ultimately, the place of rest God beckons each of us toward. He met her in the middle of her pain, her shame, and all her striving, and rewrote her story—through grace. A grace bigger than her greatest failures and that proved sufficient for all her insufficiencies.Step by step, God taught this once-scorned woman to live as His beloved, His princess.

As we follow her journey recorded in the pages of Scripture, He’ll help us do the same. We’ll learn to center our identity in Christ, recognize His power and presence in our most challenging circumstances, find rest from our striving, and live daily in His grace.

Access the weekly videos HERE. Access the content in auditory form HERE. (For those who are hearing impaired, we do not have captioning for the videos but we can send you documents of the transcripts. Please contact us HERE if you would like transcripts.)

  • 7 Weeks with 1-2 weeks of “pre-study” reading.
  • 152 pages
  • Group discussion questions
  • Monday-Friday “homework” lessons
  • Study distinctive: Two Bible study application lessons (how to read the Bible) weekly