God’s Plans Versus Mine

I sat in the dusty Zimbabwean earth, peering up at the nowhere-near-ready church, and fumed. Our construction mission trip had just turned on end. We’d traveled thousands of miles, spent thousands of dollars more to come this far, and now we were forced to face the hard fact: None of the building materials had been… Continue reading God’s Plans Versus Mine


Fearless When Ill-Equipped

I felt squeezed. In every direction. Sleep deprived and with more on my to-do list than I could possibly accomplish, pressing deadlines, and an upcoming speaking engagement I hadn’t begun to prepare for, I felt ready to explode. Or hide. My brain, held captive by my insecurities and fears, refused to function. When I most… Continue reading Fearless When Ill-Equipped


Freedom Through Surrender — Video Devotion

  “I give up!” The word surrender often makes us think of defeat and failure, right? But what if I told you surrender can mean victory…even freedom? As a toddler, my mantra was, “I can do it myself!” Unfortunately, I carried that attitude into adulthood. I wanted to be in control and live my way,… Continue reading Freedom Through Surrender — Video Devotion