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Leaning into God When Your Kids Hurt- By Shelley Brooks

God gave us moms the best and the worst job on the planet. Think about that statement. What comes to mind? I'm a mother of a boy and a girl; I had no idea what life was going to be like for the next 20 years, but God did. I wasn’t a Christian when they… Continue reading Leaning into God When Your Kids Hurt- By Shelley Brooks

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Breaking the Anger Cycle

Banana bread wafts from the kitchen. My three kids’ bellies are pleasantly full of the warm treat as the sun quiets its rays through sheer curtains. The smell of fall fills our home with hope for the new season.  A piercing scream interrupts the sweet silence. My youngest child’s pounding feet shake the floor as… Continue reading Breaking the Anger Cycle

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Heart Condition Change

Did you know today’s children and young adults are the least Christian generation our nation has ever had? It’s true. So recently, when my daughter came crying to me about “fake” friends who consistently lie (about big and small things) and have no follow-through on what they say they’ll do, I reminded her about the… Continue reading Heart Condition Change