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Taming Our Thoughts

Want to talk more about this video and ways to tame our thoughts? We invite you to join our online community where women are invited to share their struggles, insights, and celebrations in a safe place. This is a "closed" group where only members can see posts shared, and it's also a place where confidentiality… Continue reading Taming Our Thoughts


Fearless When Ill-Equipped

I felt squeezed. In every direction. Sleep deprived and with more on my to-do list than I could possibly accomplish, pressing deadlines, and an upcoming speaking engagement I hadn’t begun to prepare for, I felt ready to explode. Or hide. My brain, held captive by my insecurities and fears, refused to function. When I most… Continue reading Fearless When Ill-Equipped


The Cost and Blessing of Obedience

When have you heard God's voice most clearly? When have you most felt His presence? During a time of strength and blessing, or perhaps when life hit hard, you faced a challenging assignment, and you felt ill-equipped and insecure? Obedience rarely comes easily, but it can lead to the sweetest, most fulfilling blessing--increased intimacy with… Continue reading The Cost and Blessing of Obedience