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Integrity When the Stakes Are High

  Regret is such a heavy, suffocating burden to carry. We reveal who we truly are in how we respond when the stakes feel high. In those moments, our actions scream truth louder than any spoken claim or image portrayed. Will we do the hard-right thing, even if it might come with a lofty cost,… Continue reading Integrity When the Stakes Are High


Blessed Obedience –– Guest Post

God has exciting plans for each of us, and that journey begins with that first step. A step that might feel insignificant or that might require a great deal of faith, as often, we only see what is directly in front of us, not all God has planned ahead. But we can trust His leading… Continue reading Blessed Obedience –– Guest Post


When Small Acts of Obedience Lead to Great Impact

What began as a major inconvenience turned into a beautiful blessing adding purpose to my monotonous days and revealing God’s tender heart. We were living in Southern California at the time. My husband worked long hours, traveled a lot, and I often felt lonely, insignificant, and unseen. As a stay-at-home mom, I wanted something exciting,… Continue reading When Small Acts of Obedience Lead to Great Impact

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Do I Trust Myself More Than God?

Sometimes I put trust in dangerous places. One day, my husband informed me he wanted to return to the Navy. I’d talked him out of this decision before and felt certain I could again. After all, he was pursuing his college degree, and going back into the military meant saying goodbye to nearly half our… Continue reading Do I Trust Myself More Than God?