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Heart Issues

Increasing Intimacy with God by Ava Pennington

How intimate is your relationship with God? How intimate do you want it to be? I’ve always heard that if we want to increase our intimacy with God, we must be intentional about spending time with Him: have a regular time of prayer, read the Bible, obey His Word, and fellowship with His people. So… Continue reading Increasing Intimacy with God by Ava Pennington

Heart Issues

When We Can’t (Or Won’t) See God’s Hand

Were they too focused on the gifts God had given them or too entrenched in their sinful ways? Either way, they spurned the One who’d faithfully cared for them and slipped into ever-worsening rebellion. God’s kindness, which is intended to draw mankind to Him, had no effect. Before long, and after repeated warnings, tough love followed.