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Intentional growth

Resolutions That Will Transform Your Life

Most resolutions fail because they focus on changing one’s behavior, on cleaning the outside of the cup, without dealing with the root of our actions. True and lasting change goes much deeper, to what drives everything else—our good habits and bad, our acts of love and sin, and our fears and our faith.  God revealed… Continue reading Resolutions That Will Transform Your Life

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Integrity When the Stakes Are High

  Regret is such a heavy, suffocating burden to carry. We reveal who we truly are in how we respond when the stakes feel high. In those moments, our actions scream truth louder than any spoken claim or image portrayed. Will we do the hard-right thing, even if it might come with a lofty cost,… Continue reading Integrity When the Stakes Are High

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Bible studies, Upcoming

Wholly Loved invites you…

Wholly Loved invites you to join one of our Bible Studies going on now! 1. Got Questions? - A Seeker Study Do you have questions regarding Jesus, the Bible, and this whole Christianity thing? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the available information in our highly-opinionated and Internet saturated world? Would you like a… Continue reading Wholly Loved invites you…