Resting in Christ

Finding Our Spiritual Rhythm by Shelley Brooks

  What a year!  2020 had to be the weirdest year ever! In life, we have ups and downs.  We have good days and bad. We feel loved and alone. As I reflect on the past 20 years of my life, there are some memorable times, some good, some sad.  As I write this, there… Continue reading Finding Our Spiritual Rhythm by Shelley Brooks

Relationships, Showing love

Breaking the Anger Cycle

Banana bread wafts from the kitchen. My three kids’ bellies are pleasantly full of the warm treat as the sun quiets its rays through sheer curtains. The smell of fall fills our home with hope for the new season.  A piercing scream interrupts the sweet silence. My youngest child’s pounding feet shake the floor as… Continue reading Breaking the Anger Cycle