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What Is Our True Identity? by Jodie Bailey

What is Our True Identity by Jodie Bailey I remember the day when I knew I was done… but not in the way you think. I was standing in the kitchen of our gorgeous new rental house, surrounded by boxes, and holding a coffee cup in each hand. Which cabinet should they live in? The… Continue reading What Is Our True Identity? by Jodie Bailey


Owning the Label I Once Spurned

It took me a long time to own up to being a Christian. I believed in God and willingly accepted Jesus as my Savior—all that was fine. I didn’t want to be lumped in with some of the other Christians I knew, and frankly didn’t like very much. The sanctimonious girl at school who invited… Continue reading Owning the Label I Once Spurned


God’s Plans Versus Mine

I sat in the dusty Zimbabwean earth, peering up at the nowhere-near-ready church, and fumed. Our construction mission trip had just turned on end. We’d traveled thousands of miles, spent thousands of dollars more to come this far, and now we were forced to face the hard fact: None of the building materials had been… Continue reading God’s Plans Versus Mine