faith over fear

Resource Highlight

Did you know we have a podcast? Faith Over Fear, a Wholly Loved podcast presented by Lifeaudio:  Life is too short and God has too much for us to do for any of us to live enslaved. Jesus promised His followers would experience filled to overflowing life, a life characterized by joy, peace, and spiritual… Continue reading Resource Highlight


The Key to Navigating Change Well –– Guest Post

Change is seldom pain-free. Even good changes carry challenges, right? Becoming a parent, for instance, means learning to function on very little sleep. Starting a new job may require moving to a new city. Seeking better health often means changing one’s eating habits. In contrast, life sometimes deals a blow that requires change beyond the… Continue reading The Key to Navigating Change Well –– Guest Post


Two Fun Ways to Connect!

Join us for two fun, faith-bolstering events we have coming up. This coming Friday at 7pm CST, singer and songwriter Kylie Odetta will be joining Wholly Loved's prayer leader Yuki Johnson for a special time of prayer and praise, live streamed into our private Facebook group. Have you joined our group yet? If not, pop… Continue reading Two Fun Ways to Connect!