Wholly Loved Ministries is excited to introduce ‘Radiant,’ an event designed to support and encourage women to shine radiantly for Christ in whatever sphere of influence He’s placed them.

You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. Psalm 18:28, NIV

Purpose: To help women experience the joy, peace, fulfillment, and perseverance that comes from living fully lit by Christ and for Christ.

God created us to shine for Him; to first experience His light radiating from within, and then to shine that light wherever we go. No one can dim that which God sparks withing us, nor will the darkest and most challenging circumstances extinguish that which God ignites.

Kimi Miller's headshotKimi Miller

Session One: Living Reflections

Sharing her battles with depression and expanding on the question John the Baptist asked when in prison, Kimi encourages us to hold onto hope – even when it seems to elude us. She helps us see how our current struggles can be the fertile ground for seeds of hope – not just for ourselves, but for others. Real hope can only be found in situations that feel impossible because that is where God shows up.

Tami Wittrock

Session Two: From the Pasture to the Palace

We’ve all wrestled with feelings of doubt and insecurity. In these moments, we might feel tempted to disqualify ourselves and allow our purpose to become entangled with our current seasons or positions. The Bible reveals many strugglers and doubters, but also faithful overcomers. David, ancient Israel’s second king, is one example. When you read some of his psalms, you can sense the anxiety and anguish he felt during difficult periods, but Scripture also declares him a man after God’s own heart. Regardless of our roles or qualifications, we are all called, chosen and created to share God’s truth and the love of Jesus to those around us. God seeks those who, like David, will pursue hard after his heart, whether they’re in the pasture or the palace.

Jennifer Slattery's headshot

Jennifer Slattery

Session Three: When Our Wicks Flicker

Scripture makes it clear, if we belong to Jesus, His light does radiate from within us. This means, we push back our world’s darkness, every time we enter a situation, engage in conversation, or speak hope to someone’s heart. Recognizing this truth can bring such joy, peace, and hope to our souls. But even the most hope-filled hearts, on occasion, experience discouragement and fatigue. The good news is, God never asks us to exhaust ourselves working for Him. Instead, He invites us to pursue Him, promising that when we do, He alone will fuel our flickering wicks.

*Table Talk discussion questions available for each presentation.

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