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Witness in Peril by Jodie Bailey

A killer lies in wait…A witness in their sights. Being attacked after discovering her client’s dead body sends estate lawyer Ivy Bridges running to the one man she thinks she can trust—her college ex, Special Agent Jacob Garcia. After arriving at his ranch with the daughter he doesn’t know exists, Ivy finds facing Jacob just as hard as escaping the killers on her heels. Can Jacob keep them safe—even as enemies close in on all sides?


Deadly Cargo by Jodie Bailey

Secrets could turn deadly if an officer and his K-9 don’t uncover them. Following an anonymous tip, K-9 Trooper Will Stryker’s drug-trafficking investigation has a new suspect—Jasmine Jefferson, an Alaskan bush pilot he’s convinced is hiding something. But when someone tries to kill them, Jasmine confesses she’s in witness protection. Now Will and his K-9 partner, Scout, must work with Jasmine to figure out if the attacks are related to his case…or if someone’s out for revenge. (USA Today Bestseller)


Jodie Bailey is the USA Today Best-selling author of more than twenty novels about freedom and the heroes who fight for it. Of her novel Crossfire, Romantic Times said, “Bailey skillfully addresses the stigma associated with mental health services and the military. As a military wife, Bailey generates characters and a plot that are multi-layered and wonderfully unpredictable.” Growing up in Eastern North Carolina gave her a love for golden sand and the Atlantic Ocean. She started writing stories as soon as she learned how to put sentences together and spent her teen years making her best friends’ dreams come true on paper. Jodie is also a speaker and teacher who packs her novels with the knowledge she’s gained as an Army wife.  She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, her daughter, and her puppy.


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