Drawing Near 90 Day Devotional (Ebook)




This is a PDF file. You may download the free Kindle (MOBI) file HERE. Find the print version HERE.)

Christ created us to live in freedom and to base our self-worth not on other people’s opinions but instead, on His. To give Him the final say and to filter every struggle, setback, hurt, celebration, and disappointment, through His lens of love and grace.When we allow God’s love to soak into our deepest, darkest, most wounded and fearful places, we learn to rest in who are in Christ; to live wholly loved.That’s where true and abundant life begins—in Him. The closer we grow to Christ, the more time we spend with Him and reading His Word, the Bible, the more we come alive.This 30 day devotional helps women deepen their relationship with Christ and their understanding of His love and grace so they can find themselves, afresh, in Him.