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Avoiding Temptation–Video devotion

The Best Way to Resist Temptation by Wholly Loved's Christa Cottam from Wholly Loved Ministry on Vimeo.

It wasn’t the first time I’d caved in to temptation, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last. I ran into the same enticements day after day. Some days I was able to resist, and others I failed miserably.

I knew I’d never escape this hamster-wheel without God’s help.

I love to run outdoors. But I don’t love the summer-time bugs-like swarms of them! Jogging one morning, I neared an area where I’d ingested a mouthful of gnats a few days earlier. I tossed out a lighthearted prayer-more of a thought than a genuine plea: “God, please don’t let there be gnats today” and instantly, He spoke three simple words: choose another path.

My breath caught.

I knew God wasn’t really talking about gnats. He was asking me to think about the temptations I repeatedly encountered. How could I experience a different outcome if I didn’t choose a to think and behave differently?

Proverbs 26:11 says: “As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.”

Blunt? Yes. But true. I was a simpleton to think walking the same paths each day wouldn’t lead to the same shame and frustration.

I wanted God’s strength to help me face my temptations, but in reality, I needed His strength to turn away from them. Sometimes the hardest thing isn’t simply endure your condition but deciding to change it.

For me that meant changing what I watched, read, and listened to. It meant spending more time in God’s Word. It meant grabbing hold of the negative thought patterns forcing my mind to submit to Jesus.

Do you keep running into the same struggles? Perhaps it’s time to choose another path-one God has created specifically for you, and always remember that you are wholly loved.


Heart issues

Has Technology Become an Idol?

I hate being interrupted, especially from something I deem important. “Mom look at this!” My daughter says from across the room. I glance up from my phone and mumble “just a minute”. I return to reading a blog about being intentional through Christ. I only have a few sentences left. “Mom!” she repeats.

I’m reading a Christian blog so that should be my priority) right? Shouldn’t God always be my priority? Or should I watch my daughter try to do the splits for the 15th time today?

Technology has become an obsession for many. It can be uncomfortable for some to go to the bathroom without a cell phone because the thought of sitting for a mere 90 seconds without scrolling through Instagram or checking text messages could seem like such a waste. I can relate.

How do I ignore feelings of guilt because of spending time on my phone or computer when my daughter is around? I justify it by reading Christian blogs or surfing Faith-filled memes. I realize I’m attempting to justify my behavior. The content may be healthy, but the fact that I know I am making excuses is a problem. I’m twisting faith for my convenience. I’m making it mean whatever works for me.

Christ spoke to my heart recently and revealed that He is not my priority in those moments – technology is. Exodus 20 verse 3 says that “you shall have no other god before me”. No other gods like blog posts, inspirational messages, or technology. What gods are you putting before Christ? Do you have any that you deem acceptable when in fact they need a second look? Ask God to make your priorities clear. Don’t let things like technology stand in the way of a relationship with Christ as you learn to live Wholly Loved.

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