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Hardships and Trials

Our Source of Hope When Life Hurts – Guest Post by Grace Fox

Guest Post: God—Our Source of Hope When Life Hurts Grace Fox I knew something was seriously wrong the moment I answered my phone. My sister-in-law choked back tears as she told me that a doctor had just diagnosed my 88-year-old mother with a life-threatening condition. “She has twenty minutes to talk with each of her… Continue reading Our Source of Hope When Life Hurts – Guest Post by Grace Fox

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Hardships and Trials, Mental illness

Admitting Depression

Many joke of 2020 was the worst.  But it was January 2021. I lived through the nastiest month ever. No lie. No exaggeration. I’ve had bad months or seasons before, where a part of my life was in disarray or reeling from tragedy or loss. But January 2021 had tentacles that spread and infected all… Continue reading Admitting Depression

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Hardships and Trials

Calming the Storms in Life –– Guest Post By Kathy Howard

Many of you have had a rough, exhausting, and frightening year. Some of you have been hit by one difficulty after another. Your entering the Christmas season with your galoshes on, barely coming out of one storm before entering another. And maybe, while feeling pummeled on every side, you’re wondering where God is. If He… Continue reading Calming the Storms in Life –– Guest Post By Kathy Howard

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And We Were Told to Be Still

It was the virus heard around the world. COVID-19, a novel strand of the coronavirus, spread at rapid speeds. Warnings were given: at this rate, those affected would overwhelm medical resources, exceeding available hospital beds, diagnostic tests, and medical supplies. Everyone was told to take it seriously. To increase hand washing and keep their distance… Continue reading And We Were Told to Be Still

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Peace in the Stress

I’m stressed—and I mean capital-S stressed. Do you feel me? Have you been there, too? My to-do list overflows beyond anything I can comprehend. The days are blurring one into the next. I’m so frazzled. I can’t even remember what I need at the grocery store, let alone whether that event with my daughter is… Continue reading Peace in the Stress