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New Online Study Coming in October

For many of us, 2020 has felt anything but pleasant, peaceful, and hopeful, leaving many feeling as if their circumstances are hopeless. But Scripture tells us, in Christ, we are more than conquerors. Nothing can separate us from the love we receive from Christ and our eternal hope is held secure. God has such amazing things in store for us. Let’s cultivate hope in one another as, together, we live in the victory of Christ’s freedom.

Join us in October for an online discussion of Bob Hostetler’s 6-week study titled: Life Stinks … And Then You Die: Living Well in a Sick World, led by Jennifer Henn. (Find the Zoom join link HERE; buy the book HERE.)

Where: Zoom

When: Thursday nights at 7pm CST from October 1st-November 5th

From the back cover:

Many people seem to blithely skip through the meadows of this world, with nary a wound or scar. Day after day seems to shine on them. They wake up each morning with a smile on their face. . . . This book is not for them.

There is something dreadfully wrong with this world, and everyone knows it.

Some try to fix it. Some try to ignore it. Some recognize that the same thing that is wrong with the world is wrong with us–and nothing will change until we grasp that reality.

Life Stinks . . . And Then You Die is a gritty, honest look at the world around us and the world inside us. It is based on an ancient book of wisdom that many consider to be the Bible’s most perplexing book, Ecclesiastes, to a man who seemed to have every advantage–wealth, education, and power could possibly offer–but still struggled to find happiness and meaning. It does not offer platitudes. No easy fixes. It doesn’t spackle over the rough reality of life in the twenty-first century. But it does offer perspective. And hope. And a plan for living well in spite of all that’s wrong with the world and with us.

Study leader Jennifer Henn has mentored women through a variety of leadership roles, small group meetings, and now through Wholly Loved online groups.

She also serves the homeschool community through conferences and writing. She shares how you can teach your children at home, while enjoying the freedom to explore their individual interests. Her first book, Take the Mystery Out of Homeschooling: A How-To Guide, takes parents incrementally through the basics of homeschooling and offers practical advice so they can make informed decisions.

Jennifer and her husband live in Metro Atlanta where their nest is down to one chick. Besides writing and speaking, she is the secretary for Christian Authors Guild, a member of Word Weavers Intl, and serves on the mission’s assessment team at her local church. Visit Jennifer online at, connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Instagram, and find her book on Amazon HERE.

We also invite you to join our private online Facebook group where women support, encourage, and pray for one another. You can find us HERE.

Bible studies

Walking in the Freedom of Grace

We honor those who died for our freedom when we live fully freed. This Memorial Day, we remember all the brave and selfless men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. I often take my freedom for granted––the freedom to worship Christ whenever and however I choose. The freedom to proclaim His grace openly and without fear. The freedom to share my thoughts here and across the web or in my neighborhood or social sphere. The freedom to attend a university, seek whatever employment I wish or don’t wish …

But then I think of those who don’t enjoy those freedom. Those who, at this moment, are sitting in a dark prison cell or experiencing torture for their faith. Those who, in fear, remain silent when their hearts burn with a desire to speak out.

May I never take my freedom for granted, but even more, may I always honor that freedom by living fully free. We also reflect on the Savior who gave His last breath so that we may experience the ultimate freedom, a freedom not dependent on our circumstances, location, or any governing body.

May I remember, my freedom comes with responsibility. Christ died so that I could become all He created me to be, unhindered by sin, shame, or condemnation. Father, help me us all to step into that. Help us all to live fully, abundantly, victoriously alive.

Imagine if we truly lived with our feet firmly planted in grace and our hearts deeply centered in Christ’s love. Imagine the freedom and joy we’d experience! Imagine the growth that would occur, the relationships that would be healed, and the lives transformed.

When I lead our Becoming His Princess Bible study, I like to begin by encouraging women to vision cast for their lives. What might their days, confidence levels, home environments, and work places look like if they viewed themselves as Christ saw them and lived in that reality?

I encourage you to do the same, and to grab a free ecopy of our study, if you haven’t yet done so. Grab the PDF file for free HERE and the Kindle file HERE. If you’d prefer a print copy, you can purchase that HERE.

And if you’ve never experienced the transforming grace of Christ and want to learn more, watch THIS.

Bible studies

Available Now! Becoming His Princess

Imagine what our days and confidence level would look like if we truly lived in God’s grace and the knowledge that we are loved. We are loved when we mess up, when we act ugly, when we move forward, and when we simply sit still.

We are loved. Period.

And in Christ, we are enough. He wants to take us to a place where our identity is placed not in our accomplishments, dress size, or bank account but in Him, His love, and the price He paid for us.

Starting January 15th, we’re going to be presenting Becoming His Princess live at Wildewood Church in Papillion. We’re also going to be shooting our video segments. Yay! We’d love for you to come and be a part of that! You can register HERE.

To give you a taste of what you’ll experience, you can catch the audio for week one, which will be presented live at Wildewood, HERE.

Grab a free ecopy HERE!

Grab a print copy HERE.