Bible studies

New online Bible Studies

We have FOUR new online Bible Studies happening between January and June! We would love to have you join us and bring a friend (or two). Registration links and QR codes are listed below: Beth Dorsey will lead Life Stinks . . . And Then You Die: Living Well in a Sick World by Bob Hostetler - … Continue reading New online Bible Studies

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Intentional growth

Resolutions That Will Transform Your Life

Most resolutions fail because they focus on changing one’s behavior, on cleaning the outside of the cup, without dealing with the root of our actions. True and lasting change goes much deeper, to what drives everything else—our good habits and bad, our acts of love and sin, and our fears and our faith.  God revealed… Continue reading Resolutions That Will Transform Your Life

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Learning to Trust When I Long for Control

I like to be in control. Of our schedule. Our future. Our kids’ lives. My career. Basically anything and everything runs through me, or so I’d like to think.  Which is why a Facebook ad made me laugh out loud recently and had me sending a screenshot of it to my family. It was a… Continue reading Learning to Trust When I Long for Control