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Countering Fear With Praise

  The CD player in our minivan is broken. It plays the same CD on loop and won’t stop without ejecting the disc and starting anew. Often my brain does the same thing with thoughts that loop and loop until I have to deal with them either in quiet prayer time or if left unchecked,… Continue reading Countering Fear With Praise

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Resting in Christ

How My ‘Nap 180’ Taught Me to Surrender to God

Have you ever despised something you now love? For me, it’s naps. For as long as I can remember, unless I had the flu, was pregnant, or had a sleep-chaotic newborn in the house, I refused even the idea of a snooze. “They make me nauseous,” I’d say. It was true—I’d put my head down… Continue reading How My ‘Nap 180’ Taught Me to Surrender to God

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freedom, Intentional growth

When Being Perfect Isn’t Perfect, A Guest Post by Barb Fox

I stared at the grocery store shelf, hearing the nagging voice of my inner critic. Pick the most economical. After studying the price tags, I started to grab the jar with the lowest price per ounce. You should choose one with lower calories. I examined the nutrition labels and hesitantly placed my hand on a… Continue reading When Being Perfect Isn’t Perfect, A Guest Post by Barb Fox

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When Love Feels Hard — Guest Blogger

What happens when we’re called to forgive our enemy? Surely some acts, even some people, are unforgiveable, right? Carolyn was the last person I wanted to forgive. The event I experienced because of her was so traumatic I’d blocked it from my mind for thirteen years. I met Carolyn at a public pool when I… Continue reading When Love Feels Hard — Guest Blogger

God's Will

Lord, Help Me to Change

Experts give advice about yearly planners and goal setting while promising to improve our lives, but it’s January, and cold. I’d rather hibernate than work on self-improvement. When I think about implementing new habits, the old ones talk to me like high school friends. “Ah, it’s okay; you’re fine just the way you are.”  However,… Continue reading Lord, Help Me to Change