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His Life is in Your Hands

Have you ever felt like you were at the mercy of the person holding you in their hands? Recently, I really needed someone to follow through on something. It wasn’t life or death:, just an integrity thing that showed honor to me. But no matter what I did to try to get this person to… Continue reading His Life is in Your Hands


What is Discipleship?

My very first memory of someone trying to disciple me happened when I was about five years old. Dorcas, my cousin, was five years older than me, and I thought she was the most amazing person in the whole wide world. She could tell stories in such a way that I just wanted to stop… Continue reading What is Discipleship?

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Heart Issues

How did Jesus handle a “Cancel Culture” Attitude?

I discovered first-hand that, in this world, we tend to “cancel” people much too quickly. I had just given my testimony to my Foundations seminary class. I was terrified to share because it was raw and pretty messy. It was my first time to tell my painful story and it was to a room full… Continue reading How did Jesus handle a “Cancel Culture” Attitude?