Intentional growth

This Moment Is Your Life

I live in my head too much. I get lost in worrying about tomorrow, regretting the past, and the fantasy of wants and wishes: so much so that I easily miss what’s in front of me. Life happens in the moments, and I too often miss them. Worrying about tomorrow is easy. It’s almost natural… Continue reading This Moment Is Your Life

Intentional growth, Loving Others

What Can I Do When I Feel Helpless?

Confusion keeps stalking me. Between Covid-19 fears, election frenzy, conspiracy theories, and disrespect on all levels, I’m continually faced with contradictory messages. My mind goes back and forth on what I believe about some issues. It’s overwhelming. I don’t know who to listen to or trust. Experts on both sides give us conflicting information. As… Continue reading What Can I Do When I Feel Helpless?


How Can We Pray Without Ceasing?

By Susan Aken Having believed in Jesus for over fifty years, I’ve heard countless lessons and sermons about prayer. I’ve enjoyed multiple prayer partners, learned much, and experienced many answers. Yet, I still struggle sometimes with prioritizing talking to God. Too often I rush through the day occasionally thinking about Him. Worries come to mind… Continue reading How Can We Pray Without Ceasing?