Misaligned Priorities

Sometimes what I think is of the highest priority, isn’t, and what I put aside is really what I should focus on. I walked downstairs and saw my mom talking on the phone. She was empathetically offering words of comfort to a friend in need. I noticed the dinner dishes still on the table and… Continue reading Misaligned Priorities

Heart issues

Has Technology Become an Idol?

Technology can be a wonderful tool that allows provides easy access to information, numerous types of entertainment, and allows us to stay connected with friends and families. But if we're not careful, our enjoyment can turn to an obsession. It can control our thoughts, time, and energy, and distract us from those things that are most important. In short, it can rob us of those things we need most--time with Jesus and others.


The Importance of Prayer

When you feel a nudge towards prayer, do you listen? Or are you too distracted? Too inconvenienced? Too busy? A few months ago, my daughter and I were driving down the highway when the traffic quickly slowed down from its usual 55 miles per hour pace to almost a complete stop. Sirens rang louder as… Continue reading The Importance of Prayer

Photo of Sarah Conaway speaking
Experiencing Christ, Video Devotion

When God Feels Distant — Video Devotion

VLOG #3 Due Are you there God_12-20-17 from Wholly Loved Ministry on Vimeo. Do you ever feel like God’s checked out for the day or taken a much-needed vacation? Do you earnestly desire His presence and relentlessly search for it and feel nothing? What do you do in those situations? Almost two years ago, I… Continue reading When God Feels Distant — Video Devotion