Video Devotion

Conflict Resolution Through Humble Reconciliation–Video Devotion

Confrontation is ridiculously uncomfortable, when that happens, we may want to avoid one another, or pretend like nothing happened, which isn’t healthy. Of course, a worse option would be to vent on social media. That’s definitely not a good idea! God's desire, however, is that we reveal His power and grace in every situation, and doing so will often lead us to deeper, longer lasting friendships.

Fear of rejection, Video Devotion

Moving Past Fear of Rejection–Video Devotion

We were best friends, and then we weren’t. It was as simple as that. My friend’s mom decided I wasn’t popular enough for her daughter, so we could no longer be friends. As an adult, I see that the situation had nothing to do with me—it was about serious issues with my friend's mom. But… Continue reading Moving Past Fear of Rejection–Video Devotion

Living as Imago Dei, Video Devotion

Lord Jesus, Come … but Wait

Our world is terribly broken and in desperate need of Jesus’ return, but there are still so many people who haven’t heard the good news of the Gospel. As Christians, we clearly see the urgent need to share our faith, but may struggle with the “how”. We don’t want to come off as overbearing, or … well, weird! Christa Cottam shares a simple way you can show the love of Christ to those around you every day.