Resting in Christ

Finding Our Spiritual Rhythm by Shelley Brooks


What a year!  2020 had to be the weirdest year ever!

In life, we have ups and downs.  We have good days and bad. We feel loved and alone.

As I reflect on the past 20 years of my life, there are some memorable times, some good, some sad.  As I write this, there is a lot of sadness that I think of. My dad passed away in 2000.  I still get teary-eyed when I think of that; he was so important in my life.  Nine years later my mom passed away.  Then just a couple of years later my mother-in-law passed away.  A very good Pastor friend of mine told me after she died, “You are now the elder generation.” That really made me stop and wonder if I was ready to be that.

As I think about the fact that there is no longer a generation older and wiser than me, and wonder who I will go to now for advice and to share my thoughts with, I know that must be Jesus.  

God wants to be our Abba Father.  The one we think of first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night.  He wants us to be in a relationship with Him, as He loves us more than even our parents could.  

Some days finding time can be difficult.  Hurrying to get to work, for an eight-hour-plus day, then rushing back home, fixing dinner, then perhaps there are kids to run somewhere or home chores to do, then suddenly, it’s time to collapse into bed. Then I think, When did I spend time with God today?

I’ve tried Bible reading plans and devotionals, but nothing stuck. Have you ever been at that place? There must be a way to spend time with God that works, but what is it?  For me, if I create a routine or habit, I am better at sticking with it, but of course, developing a habit takes a while too.  Find a time that is best for you.  Is it getting up a little earlier in the morning?  For me, that didn’t seem to work.  What about during the day, or maybe the last thing at night.Picture of a woman reading her Bible

Make a list of those you want to pray for, and those you’ve told you would pray for.  What about those things you want to give praise for, and the reasons you want to thank God.  Every day good things happen in our life that we know are from God, and we need to remember to start with that. Click To TweetGod provides for us in ways we don’t even think about. I love to garden and am in awe of what God creates for me there.  Beautiful tomatoes and corn.  Everbearing raspberries and green onions.  The beautiful tulips that ‘just appear’ in the spring.  Every day it will be different but remember and share those things in your time with God.

I have found my rhythm and spend time at the end of the day. My mind has slowed down, and I’m not thinking of 100 different things.

Find your rhythm and enjoy your time with God.

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