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Get to Know Kristen Terrette

Kristen's author photoIf you’ve been encouraged by our blog, you have Kristen Terrette, our blog manager, to thank. Actually, if you’ve been encouraged by anything our ministry does, you can thank her for that as well. She’s encouraged me (Jennifer) during some hard and confusing times and through her loving, kind, and supportive words, has reminded me that God is leading this ministry and me as a leader. If you have an encourager in your life, make sure they know how precious and priceless, how vital, they are.

Kristen is an author, blogger, and loving encourager who is always ready to help, to reach out, and who actively, daily, reveals the love of Jesus.

We recently asked her some questions regarding why she does all that she does. Here’s what she had to say:

What do you enjoy most about editing? 

I don’t think I’m the best editor. I am definitely not “trained” in English, however, I’ve been writing long enough now to notice common mistakes, repetitions, and the need for tightening, and stronger verbs. I love when an editor takes my own pieces and makes them better, so I do enjoy doing this for others.   

What do you hope women gain from your contributions? 

Oh my … that I’m real and honest, and there’s so much freedom in this! I used to feel great shame over my past. This kept me hiding things away from others, and I definitely focused on doing “good deeds” in an effort to “work” my way out of shame. But Jesus already paid the price for me! So, now, I find it fairly easy to tell all, which I hope helps women see some of themselves through my past, my troubles, and mistakes. And I hope this leads them to God, which is a win for me.

How have you seen God’s heart displayed? 

Even in my darkest moments, and there have been many, He has been there. He has showed up over and over, changing me, healing me, and holding me. He shows His heart every single day. Everything He’s ever promised has come true, so I can be sure His good promises for my future will too.  

What’s your favorite verse? 

This is so hard! There are so many!!!!!

I’m going to say, because it’s a staple in my life, and has been for a LONG time, John 14:6. “I and the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me.”

Did you know Kristen is a gifted writer? She is! Check out her latest release, See You Monday:

Cover image for See You Monday by Kristen TerretteSenior year. The homestretch.

Honor student, Grace Warner, had it easy. Popularity, friends, attention from her crush, even a soccer scholarship offer—if only she can figure out her senior project to graduate on time. Getting approval to write about someone’s life-changing event, Grace recruits her sassy grandma as her mentor who can’t wait to tell the crazy story from her childhood.

Events in the early sixties are words in history books to Grace, but her grandma lived them. She witnessed the civil rights movement in full swing, desegregation becoming a reality in her southern town, Martin Luther King, Jr. moving the country with his iconic speech, and the country coming to a halt when President Kennedy was assassinated.

Grace loves finding out her family history but didn’t know the project would have her noticing hardships and prejudices at her school she hadn’t before. When the homecoming court is announced and new kid, Jacob Horton, is nominated as a colossal prank, it brings Grace to a choice, much like her grandmother years before her. God is about to use her in a miracle if she chooses correctly. If she fails, a life could be lost.

Grab your copy HERE.

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