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The Chocolate Idol –– Guest Post by Jeanie Jacobson

Woman looking out the window from a dark room.

Whenever we search for joy, comfort, and security apart from Christ, we rob ourselves of the very things we long for most. Click To Tweet Our guest today, Jeanie Jacobson, shares how easy it is to drift into idolatry, but also how we can reroute ourselves and our hearts.

The Chocolate Idol

by Jeanie Jacobson

What a nightmare—I’d constructed an idol.

My eyes flew open and I popped up in bed. Where’s the chocolate?

My first thoughts normally are, “Good morning, Lord. I love You.” Waking with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head underlined my growing obsession with sweets.

Recent studies have shown sugar is more addictive than cocaine. And my increased cravings seemed to verify those findings. More than simply harming my body, I’d let my thoughts dwell on desserts so much I’d created an idol, a false god who consumed my attention daily.

The Bible recounts how some kings of Israel and Judah defied the Lord and set up idols. Others tore them down. For example, “Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God. He removed the foreign altars and the high places, smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles.” 2 Chronicles 14:2-3, NIV.

Their choices to either follow false gods or the one true God reflected not only in the king’s lives, but in their nations as well. Like the kings of old, my choices laid a foundation for my family. Rather than relying on Jesus for comfort and fulfillment, I turned to sweets. Eating apple turnovers became easier than gathering together for family prayer. Nibbling cookies proved simpler than reading the bible together. My sugar fixation caused us to miss times of fellowship and worship. Instead of carving an idol of wood or stone, I’d crafted one of sugar.

Rising that morning focused on candy rather than Jesus prompted a true wake up call. So I stumbled out of bed, grabbed the bags of peanut butter cups and chocolate kisses, and dumped them in the trash. Not as dramatic as the faithful kings demolishing idols in Old Testament times, but I wanted a physical act to demonstrate my return to the Lord. Dumping those candies was my equivalent of “removing foreign altars” and smashing “the sacred stones.”

Idols can be anything that hinders our relationship with Christ. Which idols have insidiously crept into our lives? Do we spend more time on social media than with the Lord? Put human relationships before His? Overspend on… Click To Tweet

At times I still crave sugary treats. But when I put the Lord first, craving Him, His presence fills my life with a sweetness beyond comparison. Click To Tweet


Let’s talk about this! What is that one thing you tend to turn to first, for comfort, pleasure, maybe a distraction when life feels hard? Has that thing become an idol?

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