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And We Were Told to Be Still

It was the virus heard around the world. COVID-19, a novel strand of the coronavirus, spread at rapid speeds. Warnings were given: at this rate, those affected would overwhelm medical resources, exceeding available hospital beds, diagnostic tests, and medical supplies.

Everyone was told to take it seriously. To increase hand washing and keep their distance from others: particularly babies, the elderly, pregnant women and individuals with compromised immune systems. Officials suggested rescheduling events with over 250 attendees. Then that number shrunk to 50. The suggestion became a mandate, forcing cancelations and eventually restricting gatherings to a maximum of 10 people. 

Classes canceled. Businesses closed. Weddings rescheduled. And people were directed to stay home. In a matter of days, COVID-19 went from being “Breaking News” to a household name. Finding solace in Scripture, I found great comfort in Psalm 46, especially verse 10:  “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10, NIV).

Know He is near. Believe He is able. Heed His Word. Be still.Know He is near. Believe He is able. Heed His Word. Be still. Click To Tweet

I spoke these words over the phone while consoling a friend in Colorado. Her husband is a paramedic who had worked three straight shifts, including overnights. All first responders mandatorily reported to help contain the virus. This drove her anxiety to spike in addition to her feeling of helplessness. Yet, she must be still.

As a parent of teenagers, I see “cabin fever” wrestling with my children’s desire to serve the less fortunate and being told to stay home. Not to mention attending classes virtually which keeps them from being with their friends. Yet, I remind them to “be still.” At this point, they don’t have a choice. Some states have lightened their restrictions but, for the most part, COVID-19 has forced everyone to “be still” everywhere. 

But my prayer is that “be still” is adopted to become their mentality. Not simply stay still, but adopt peace and contentment regardless of their surroundings: so much so that they live from that position of “be(ing) still” while knowing and trusting He is God. That is my prayer for us all. 

I don’t quote this Psalm to say it will be easy. This is still difficult.Be still and know that you know, deep down, that He is God. Click To Tweet

Friends have been forced to cancel weddings and baby showers. One went into premature labor. Her husband shared with me how unsettled they felt being in a hospital serving record-breaking numbers. They’re also anxious about leaving the hospital, knowing they’ll be coming home to a house missing essential items they hoped to receive at their shower.

On the flip side, a former coworker lost his wife of 30+ years quite unexpectedly. Her death was not due to the virus. Nonetheless, the hospital informed the family they weren’t allowed to hold a funeral for her because of gathering restrictions. The family will host a memorial this winter in honor of her birthday. For now, they mourn in isolation. I pray they can “be still” and find comfort in knowing He is God.

Be still and know that you know, deep down, that He is God. 

Let’s exit this pandemic spiritually stronger than we came into it. For a deeper appreciation of this verse, I recommend reading Psalm 46 in its entirety. 

Let’s Discuss This:

– How have you been affected by COVID-19?

– How can we pray for you during this time?

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