An Untapped Way to Worship

I’m convinced exercise is the most underrated way we can tap into worshipping God.

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Some of you just decided to quit reading but hear me out.

Have you seen superstar country singer Carrie Underwood’s latest commercial for her athletic clothing brand, Calia? In it, she talks about putting herself first when it comes to exercise then feeling guilty when she takes the time to get a workout in but also when she doesn’t train. Though, ultimately, she’s decided to stay committed to her fitness journey. (Search #StaythePath and #FindYourPath to see this campaign.)

Now, trust me, I look nothing like Mrs. Underwood, but her sentiments resonate because I am also an avid exerciser. My workouts have changed over the years in accordance to body limitations, injuries, and time, but the constant is that I always follow some form of exercise routine five to six days a week. And honestly, I’m as addicted to it as I am Oreos which is saying a lot (and yet another reason I exercise).

Why has it developed into something I will not sacrifice in my schedule?

Because it’s become mine and God’s time.Why has it developed into something I will not sacrifice in my schedule? Because it’s become mine and God’s time. Click To Tweet Going for a run excites me because it’s such a valuable period of prayer and worship. I’m able to retreat to nature with my favorite worship music and draw close to Him in a way I can’t as easily at home when the chores beg to be done, or my computer calls me to write just a few more pages. The days I go to the gym are different but still worship as I better my body and mind in a Pilates class or pray while on the stationary bike.

In fact, I’m confident I’d be a monster without two things on a daily repeat. Connecting with God and exercise. Really! No one would want to be around me because my stress and anxiety levels would be astronomical, and I’d become a complainer and naysayer. I also know my personality leans toward irritation and impatience but with time have seen the discipline of exercise helps to alleviate impulsive reactions when I come up against things that annoy me.

So, not only can exercise provide stress relief and precious moments spent with God, it also helps us better our physical health.Not only can exercise relieve stress and become precious time spent with God, it also helps us better care for our bodies. Click To Tweet 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says, “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” The benefits of regular exercise outweigh the pain. And once your routine becomes a habit, it may become a healthy addiction. With that, you may find yourself pushing through the uncomfortable just to get the workout in.

You were bought at a price

So where can you start? I’m convinced anyone going from no exercise to simply walking (as fast as you can) or riding a stationary bike at least thirty minutes a day five times a week will see their health improve. Start there. Get outside to check out His beautiful nature if possible. But do something. Use it as a prayer time. Sing along to gospel music. Listen to a podcast from your favorite pastor, presenter, or Bible teacher. Just take time to honor God in mind, body, and spirit.

A lady, easily in her eighties, runs in my neighborhood. Whenever I pass her, I can’t help but think, “Go girl!” I want to be just like her—maybe not running at that age—but getting outside hiking, walking, or working my garden. Getting my heart rate up, challenging my muscles and expanding my lungs, all the while tapping into the worship that can happen while doing it. Imagine me rooting you on, saying, “Go girl!”

Let’s talk about this! Where can you start in using exercise as a time of reverence for God? Do you already? If so, what are some tricks you’ve used to keep it up?

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2 thoughts on “An Untapped Way to Worship”

  1. I was just talking about this with my therapist this morning. I recite the rosary along with an audio app when I am on the elliptical machine. When walking and running I listen to worship music.

    1. Awesome! When I listen to worship music while running/walking, I’m sure I sing sometimes, probably weirding out others on the sidewalk! 🙂

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