Living as Imago Dei, Video Devotion

Lord Jesus, Come … but Wait

Patient Evangelism by Wholly Loved's Christa Cottam. from Wholly Loved Ministry on Vimeo.

Crimes against children, human trafficking, senseless violence, debilitating disease and fractured relationships leave my heart pleading: “God, please rescue us from this broken world!”

But I also beg God to wait, because there are so many who don’t know Him yet—the stranger at the grocery store, my neighbor…my brother, and I’m left wondering, what can I do?

Paul states in Romans 9: “My grief is so intense that I wish that I would be accursed, cut off from the Messiah, if it would mean that you, my people, would come to faith in him!”

Let that sink in. He would hand over his salvation if it meant others could have theirs?!

Do I live with that same sort of passionate urgency to reach those who don’t know Jesus?

If we knew Jesus was coming today, we’d desperately proclaim the Gospel to as many people as possible so that no one would spend eternity without Him. But, since we don’t know when He’s returning, and others could die at any time, shouldn’t we live with that same desperation every day?

If you’re like me, the answer is “Yes, but…. I don’t know how”, “I don’t know what to say”, “I don’t know the Bible well enough”. And even if we can get past those insecurities, we don’t want to be that weird Christian who rides their bike around the neighborhood with a megaphone, shouting “Jesus is coming!”, ultimately pushing people further away, right?

The good news is that every Christian is equipped to share the Gospel … we just need to remember two words: Imago Dei.

Our greatest purpose is to represent Jesus as His image bearers. Embodying Him in all that we do—through our words, actions, attitude, work ethic, and demeanor no matter our job title, economic status, health, or age. When we live for Jesus, others will notice. And when they ask what it is about us that’s so special—when we’ve got their attention, then we get to share the Gospel. No megaphones or shouting, no script, not even a list of Bible verses to rattle off…. we just tell the story of how we met Jesus and how He rescued us. Simple, and beautiful.

Are you eager to reach others who don’t know Jesus? Ask God to ignite your passion, and then wear His love daily for all to see as you learn to live wholly loved.

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